This was Retail Media 2023:


→ Skills & insights '23:

  •, MMD, and Carrefour are gearing up to share insightful case studies showcasing the profound impact of utilizing Retail Media within their networks.

  • Tom & Co will unveil the secrets behind their rapid development of a one-of-a-kind retail media offering for Belgium!

  • Shelf Service will inspire you with the latest innovations in in-store materials.

  • Gondola Academy will shine a spotlight on its recent study about Retail Media in Belgium, showcasing its potential and findings.

  • Two experts will share the buzz words of retail media for you

  • Unlock valuable insights into ROAS (Return on Advertising Spent) and discover how retail media can elevate your ROAS to new heights.

→ Goal:

This event aims to equip you with the tools and insights to craft creative and impactful communication plans for your brands in 2024, benefiting both your business and customers.

→ Why Integrate Retail Media into Your Media Mix?

Retail Media is on the verge of rapid growth in Belgium, with expenditures on Retail Media in the United States expected to surpass those for television advertising by 2025!  ( The retail media landscape is rapidly expanding. As creative marketers, it's crucial to grasp how to harness its full potential for your 2024 media plans.  

→ Get inspired by our insightful content

  • Ensuring you're current with the most recent news? →  read All about Retail Media. Our most informative content from the last 6 months, curated by our editorial team



→ Who is our Retail Media event for?

  • Marketers

  • Communication Managers

  • Trade Marketers

  • Agencies and Service Providers

  • Retailers

→ Program

Please note that our event lineup is subject to change and is not finalized. Stay tuned for updates!

13:30 Welcome and coffee

14:00 Introduction

14:15 Gondola Study Results: "Retail Media in Belgium - what marketers think about it "

14:30 The retail media buzz words you need to know

15:00 Case Study - LINKS (Carrefour)

15:30 Break

15:45 Case Study - MMD

16:15 Case Study - 

16:45 Why Promote Retail Media (Tom & Co)

17:15 Conclusion

17:30 Networking Drink

Onze sprekers

Pierre Jaquemin

Carrefour LINKS
Head of Carrefour Links

Olivier Degrez

MMD (Média Marketing Delhaize)
Director Retail Media

Justin Sandee
Director Commercial Development

Kevin Kielbaey

Live Ramp – Cassius Data Consult
Head of retail media at Live Ramp – founder Cassius Data Consult

  Jonathan Beckers-Vieujant

Tom & Co
Director Customer Engagement, Customer Experience & Strategic Projects

Cedric Cauderlier

CEO – Co-Founder

Didier Navette

Shelf Service
Marketing Director

Christian du Jardin  

Stratégie et consultance

Shelf Service