What will you learn?

⭐ How an innovation keeps you on track & relevant for consumers & investors?

⭐ This inno training provides you with a well-structured process from observations to concepts enabling you to prepare a futureproof company or brand strategy

⭐ Getting your peers & colleagues on board of a rich and future proof process leading to innovative ideas & concepts



✅ Why is innovation so important?

✅ What is an innovation and what isn’t?

✅ 101 different types of efficient innovations, get stimulated

✅ A clear brand strategy as a start for an effective innovation funnel

✅ The KIC Process (Know – Inspire – Create), How to build a long-term innovation funnel.

✅ How much testing do we actually need?

✅ Indispensable: Post launch Tracker.


Why should you attend?

Innovations are key to stay relevant as a brand & and as a company.

Unfortunately … Most innovations fail on the market … How comes?

A quick reflection:

How much time, money and efforts do we spend each year in developing new products, selling & communicating them?

How do you feel when your innovation, your baby, does not deliver the expected result?

Do you dream that your new products will be successful?

Start by doing things different as of today … and surprise your senior management (or also your investors) with a clear well defined innovation pipeline creating long term success .

Don't hesitate any longer and register!