Retail and consumer goods, an industry that touches every part of society through consumption. Constantly evolving, re-inventing itself and innovating to win the heart and the wallet of the consumer. What is going on in the Belgian landscape? What can you expect to happen in the near future? In this report, Gondola Academy provides a view on what is going on in the Belgian landscape, how buying behavior is evolving and what initiatives are being undertaken by retailers and brands to fulfill the needs of the consumer.

As a retail platform, Gondola is constantly in touch with the Belgian retail and consumer goods industry. This trends report is written for anyone who seeks to be up to date about the Belgian industry: Retailers, brands, investors, consumers, … anyone who finds himself interested in how consumption is evolving.

As much as we’d love to, we are unable to delve into every single evolution that is ongoing, so we focused on the major trends: voice, sustainability, the circular economy and promotion. A trend report wouldn’t be complete without taking a look forwards, for which we analyze a couple of future trends that will have a major impact on the way we consume today.

Enjoy the insights!

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