Sustainability is hot. As our planet reaches its limitations, everyone is exploring ways to do their part to build towards a healthier and more sustainable environment. Unsustainable consumption is at the heart of environmental issues while none of the key stakeholders (retailers, brands & consumers) are keen on consuming less.

Consumption requires transport, be it from a container ship to a retail store or from a distribution center directly delivered to consumer’s doorstep. Transport accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emission in the European Union, while being the only sector for which emissions have actually increased since 1990. 

What can each stakeholder do to minimize the negative effects on our environment? In this paper presented to you bpost and Gondola, we focus on e-commerce. Approximately 400.000 packages are delivered in Belgium every day. Concrete actions can be taken by each stakeholder to ensure that this process occurs in a more sustainable way. 

In may 2019, 350 consumers were questioned online on their buying behavior, to establish how consumers and businesses can cooperatively build towards a more sustainable online consumption. 

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