“People faced with upcoming negotiations often seek advice. Invariably, many if not most of their questions have a tactical slant: … Should I make the first contact? … Make the first offer? Start high? Concede slowly? Settle the easy issues first? Act conciliatory, though, threatening, or as a joint problem-solver? Arrange for a hard-hearted partner? Look for self-serving rationales or objective principles? …” (from W. Breslin, J. Rubin, Negotiation Theory and Practice)

The distance learning Certificate in Advanced Negotiation Techniques has been developed to improve and refine your bargaining skills in a highly competitive environment. This programme is designed so you can follow it from home. The course material evolves around the practical applications of the latest negotiation strategies and tactics you can apply for both internal and external negotiations. You learn from the very best: from the Harvard Negotiation School to Kissinger or Karras (who trains most of the Fortune 500 executives!). It also includes exceptional contributions from entrepreneurs, high ranking EU officials, ambassadors and politicians. 

This practical and pragmatic approach guarantees participants inside information concerning the most advanced and recent negotiation techniques, brought alive through numerous case studies. The exceptional course material gets into all the crucial aspects of the bargaining process: conflict resolution, power relations, deadlocks, threats, concession making, etc… The curriculum will undoubtedly radically alter your views about the negotiation process.

Participants are awarded the Certificate in Advanced Negotiation after presenting a paper. Boost your career prospects  and download the pdf brochure below.

Deadline for application: 28th of this month.


Tim Cullen

Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

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