Leading a High Performance Team

Business teams are increasingly operating in complex environments with multiple external actors outside of historical team and organisational boundaries; therefore the need for effective high performance teams has never been greater. Traditionally the focus of team leadership development activities has been on managing the internal dynamics of a team. That remains critical for leading an effective team, but is no longer enough. Today’s companies expect managers to work across many differences (e.g., age, gender, function, personality, culture, etc.) and to manage in a change-oriented environment. In this session, Professor Peterson will explore what it takes to create and sustain high performing teams in this environment. He will also share his insights on how to prepare managers for such challenging assignments:

- How to assess whether a team is high performing

- Team leader selection and support

- Managing conflict in teams

- Understanding how personality effects team dynamics

- Effective decision making in teams

- Creating ROI – Return on Inclusion in diverse teams 

The session provides frameworks for understanding high performance teams, as well as a number of specific and practical tips for how to encourage high performance in your own team.


Professor Randall S. Peterson London Business  School

The Critical Role of Conflict Resolution in Teams

Conflict is inevitable in any team or organisation. But what do we really know about how and why conflict works? Randall has been looking at a variety of types of teams and there are processes that consistently work and some that don’t. What are the positive effects of conflict resolution? How will you cope with and manage individual differences & personalities within a team?

There is a better way of thinking about how teams develop and that is about conflict and a set of conflicts some of which are embedded in the circumstance of the teams and others which emerge from the individuals within the team. What drives groups forward is a conflict resolution oriented strategy. Most successful teams are actually those that develop by trying to figure out their ability to manage conflict best. Conflict is the fundamental thing that drives change in a team. A Workshop and case studies will illustrate this lively session.


Prof. Randall Peterson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

London Business School

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