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The only Belgian report covering a decade of foodretail data

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The Gondola Retail Report is a valuable source of information covering data of the last 10 years of the Belgian food retail sector.

This comprehensive report provides in-depth insights into the evolution of the food retail market in Belgium.

It serves not only as an indispensable guide for strategic decision-making but also as a valuable resource for industry negotiations.

It provides detailed information on the market as a whole and offers insights into the behavior of individual players in the industry.



At a Glance

• Unique data in the Gondola Retail Report provides unparalleled insights into Belgian food retail

• Historical context and sector evolution are covered for strategic decision-making

• Essential for market understanding, competitive analysis, and future strategy development

• Valuable information obtained through careful teamwork

Explore the comprehensive Retail Report through our detailed PDF guide

“In a constantly changing
world, it is crucial to
understand where we are
coming from in order to
know where to go.”

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Explore the comprehensive Retail Report through our detailed PDF guide

This report provides you with unprecedented insights and competitive edge.

The report was compiled from the data collected for the publication of Gondola Academy’s well-known Retail Scan Posters.

The Retail Scan Poster provides a view of the Belgian food retail market and the market relationships between the different chains. 

A decade of collected data is merely our foundation.

Year after year, our dedicated researchers rigorously analyze the market, consistently updating the database with the latest sector data.



Product specifications

The Gondola Retail Report, with its impressive 100 pages divided into 5 major chapters, is an indispensable source of information.

Accessible through the Gondola Academy website, this valuable document is in convenient A4 size and written entirely in English.

Moreover, it is easily searchable and allows you to take personal notes.



Digital only: Valuable insights, always at your fingertips.

We provide you with digital access on all your devices.

Whether you’re on the go with your phone, in a meeting with your iPad, or in the office working in front of a computer screen, our digitized information is easily accessible regardless of your location.

How it works

After purchasing a license, your company will receive a unique access code to access our report. The report will then be available to you on our website at all times.

Reach out to access the report!

For all inquiries, contact us : retailreport@gondola.be

Reach out to access the report!


The Gondola Retail Report 2023 is made available to all companies in our industry. At Gondola, we believe this report is vital for all professionals, so we choose to make it easily accessible to a maximum of companies by minimizing the required content fee.


This Black Friday week, we're making the entire report available for only 990€ (instead of 3.490€). Valid till Monday 4 december 2023.

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→ Once you obtain the basic report, you get the option to receive the latest data and insights in an annual update. This annual update is made available to you for a reduced fee and is completely optional.

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