Take a good look at the store pictured below. It might not look like it, but it is indeed a physical store. For those who have never heard of Gentle Monster before, what would you imagine their product offer to be like? One thing is for sure, I am inclined to check out what their brand represents, and I’m pretty sure you are too by now.

Did this high end eyeglass retailer find the perfect design for the store of the future? Maybe it has for its sector. A one for all solution over various sectors and strategies however will never be found. What can be done is taking a deep dive in the evolutions that are currently turning the Belgian retail sector on its head, which is exactly what we do in this white paper.

What is changing in the Belgian retail landscape? How could you react to prepare for these developments? And where will the physical store remain relevant in the long term? All these findings are summed up in a cooperative paper between PwC, The Retail Academy and the Gondola Group. Enjoy the read!

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