Welcome to the omnichannel world! Retailer and brands embarked on their digital expedition, building an online presence and establishing new sales channels. In the online world, new rules apply on how to build and leverage your brand, and only few players are playing the game to the maximum of their ability.

There are multiple new channels to engage and activate your customers that are currently being underused. That’s why bpost, The Retail Academy and Gondola Group mapped the omnichannel customer journey, and identified 4 phases:

Inspiration, where you have to inspire consumers to consider buying your products.

Traffic, where you must guide the interested to your products.

Transaction, where you have to ensure that the sale is realized.

Repurchase and Advocacy, where you engage the customer to come again. For each phase we highlight what you need to focus on, and provide a practical case of a player that excels at that part of the customer journey.

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