What if managers could get advice and expert guidance from the finest minds in leadership? 

Companies and organisations need to optimize operational efficiency in a post corona world. As competition is rising, teams are put under increasing pressure. It is therefore paramount for managers to be able to lead under pressure and manage high performance teams. This exceptional programme has been developed to meet those challenges.


Leading under pressure by Prof. Deasy, INSEAD

Leadership in contexts where vulnerability and threat are ever present is a challenge for all involved. It is imperative that leaders in these contexts are as connected with their own senses of limitation as with their views of possibility. 

Common theories of stress management and wellness at work often focus on the individual as the one responsible for wellness with many urging the leaders to control their emotions and manage their stress themselves, quietly and away from colleagues. At the mildest end of the spectrum this approach is unsustainable.  For the stressed individual it can generate issues of shame, powerlessness and disconnection – all ingredients for a vicious downward spiral. At one level it is interesting to explore why we invest in this type of approach when dealing with the issue of difficult emotions at work. This presentation will propose a more sustainable system of leadership that fosters professional and personal growth. From a systems psychodynamic perspective I will argue that organisations that embrace emotions as a source of organisational data and foster leadership spaces interested in the meaning of expression at work provide opportunities for growth at all levels of the organisation. I will also focus on the role of social defences that hinder growth in these contexts and propose an adaptive approach to effective leadership in challenging contexts.


Leading a High Performance Team by Prof. Randall Peterson, London Business School

Business teams are increasingly operating in complex environments with multiple external actors outside of historical team and organisational boundaries; therefore the need for effective high performance teams has never been greater. Traditionally the focus of team leadership development activities has been on managing the internal dynamics of a team. That remains critical for leading an effective team, but is no longer enough. Today’s companies expect managers to work across many differences (e.g., age, gender, function, personality, culture, etc.) and to manage in a change-oriented environment. In this session,

Randall will explore what it takes to create and sustain high performing teams in this environment. He will also share his insights on how to prepare managers for such challenging assignments:

  • How to assess whether a team is high performing
  • Team leader selection and support
  • Managing conflict in teams
  • Understanding how personality effects team dynamics
  • Effective decision making in teams
  • Creating ROI – Return on Inclusion in diverse teams 

The session provides frameworks for understanding high performance teams, as well as a number of specific and practical tips for how to encourage high performance in your own team.



Prof. Derek Deasy

Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour


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Prof. Derek Deasy

Prof. Randall Peterson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

London Business School

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Prof. Randall Peterson