Having to deal with all different kinds of people; and sometimes getting along with all of them can be a bit of a challenge, and when people are hard to deal with, it can lead to slower productivity and missed deadlines.

Different people need to be dealt with in different ways and as individuals; you would deal differently with a touchy-feely person, than you would with a no-nonsense type of person. The first rule of leadership and management success is always to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to know what you offer to the people you work with, and where you need to focus effort on improvement. The most successful leaders also know when to step forward and when to step back and let others on their team take the lead. The only way you will be able to achieve these ideals is if you have a very clear idea of who you are, what your team members stand for, and what their areas for growth and development are.

Self-awareness sounds simple enough, but real personal insight is harder than you might think. For example, it is about getting a better understanding of the things you try to hide from others at work and learning whether you are more or less successful in this; and deciding whether you are better being more yourself at work and spend less energy trying to hide your weaknesses. This session uses the latest thinking and science in personality to help you identify key interpersonal and teamwork skills for successful leadership in the workplace, uncover hidden strengths, and perhaps reveal blind spots where others see things you do not. Most importantly, this session is designed to raise your self-awareness to improve your success as a leader.