For CEO's, senior managers and high ranking civil servants in charge of digital execution. A remarkable one day interactive session on March 27, 2020  (9.30am-5pm) in Brussels with the world authority on digital execution.

To succeed with digital transformation, you need to experiment effectively, implement fast, and keep adapting your iterations in an agile way.

Yet most organisations still operate with a traditional strategy development and implementation mindset.

This session introduces you to the latest tools and techniques used by agile companies. You leave the program with a detailed roadmap of initiatives to implement, methodologies to use and technologies to apply, ready to bring your organisation's digital strategy to life!

  • You identify and adopt fast methodologies to verify your strategy assumptions and succeed in scaling up your digital execution:
  • Develop a roadmap to execute your digital business transformation strategy
  • Plan for future interactions and frequent adjustment processes
  • Acquire the capabilities to partner with other organisations to succeed in your digital journey
  • Leverage your organisational processes
  • You develop a deep understanding of the organisational processes required to instill fast and strategic digital execution processes throughout your organisation and integrate legacy practices already in place.

This sessions will include a workshop component, where you will build and evaluate your own organisation’s digital transformation journey.


Michael Wade

Professor Innovation and Strategy

IMD Business School

& Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation.

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Michael Wade