Strategy execution by definition means encountering new, uncertain and complex problems – strategy execution is less a question of technical expert capability and more a question of expert problem-solving capability.


This session will provide evidence-based provocation for how we need to think differently about the strategy execution challenge. Having good strategic analysis, and a good strategic response is no more than a prerequisite to success.

It is not our strategy that differentiates us from the competition, most of our competitors come to similar strategic conclusions. It is not our strategic planning capability.

It is our ability to execute and adapt our strategy in a volatile environment that is the key to success.

This much has been known for decades, but still many strategies fail to be implemented successfully. Why? Because knowing is different to doing. In a phrase coined by Jeffrey Pfeffer - the problem is, the “knowing doing gap”.

How do you plug the knowing doing gap? Experience is a much more powerful predictor of success than analysis and planning.

But experience of what? What kind of experience do we need to cultivate? After all, executing a genuinely ground-breaking strategy means encountering problems that we have not experienced before.

The experience that we need to develop is not expert experience of the specific problem; it is the experience of encountering problems we have not encountered before.

In this workshop, we will build the strategic execution muscle, through experiential exercises which imprint the capability to find solutions and execute solutions to new uncertain and complex problems. This is how we equip youselve and your teams to excel in strategy execution and create sustainable competitive advantage through strategy execution.


Together with 25 Belgian Executives and CEOs who already enrolled, meet a world authority on Strategy execution. Prof. Lewis has an impressive track record in advising companies and accompanying executives around the world.

Day session with Professor David Lewis, London Business School, on Strategy Execution.

Inscriptions 9.10 am, session begins at 9.30 am – 12.30 pm, with coffee break around 11 am.

Gastronomic lunch: 12.30 pm 1.45 pm

Afternoon,1.45 pm – 5 pm, with coffee break around 3 pm.

Location: KBC, Grote markt 17, Brussels.

Date: Friday June 16, 2023.

Inscription deadline: March 29.

David Lewis

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David Lewis